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Inner ear balance and central nervous system disorders

Neurological Conditions
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Neurological Conditions

The interface between vestibular or inner ear balance disorders and central nervous system disorders is highly complex and very large as the vestibular system is essentially a neurological system with a vast connection to the brain.

Conditions like multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, strokes and head injuries can all produce dizziness and some conditions might present with a hearing loss also.

A special variety is an isolated stroke of the artery supplying the inner ear which mimics a vestibular neuritis without an infection.

Accurate diagnosis is possible and indeed extremely important for devising the appropriate rehabilitation processes. Early diagnosis may lead to a favourable outcome in most cases.

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The Sheffield Vertigo & Balance Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic for diagnosis and management of disorders of the human balance system. The human balance system operates through three peripheral sensors – the eyes, the muscle and joint senses and the ears to enable a subject to orient himself in space.