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Dr. S Dasgupta

Dr Soumit Dasgupta

Dr Dasgupta holds a medical degree and initially trained in ENT surgery. Thereafter he trained in Audiovestibular Medicine and is a GMC accredited Consultant Audiovestibular Physician.

His consultant experience spans over 8 years and currently he is working as Consultant Audiovestibular Physician/Neurotologist and clinical lead in Paediatric Audiology at Alder Hey Children’s NHS Foundation Trust and also is a visiting Consultant adult Neurotologist at Royal Bolton Hospitals and Claremont Private Hospitals.  He has published in peer reviewed journals and lectures widely in his specialty at the international and national level as an invited speaker.

He is an honorary tutor in the University of Manchester; teaches in the MSc Neurology course in the University of Sheffield and the undergraduates in the University of Liverpool. He chairs the Liverpool Children’s Hearing Service Working Group and is an expert reviewer for the GMC and Clinical Otolaryngology. His special interest is balance and he has set up a dedicated paediatric balance unit in Alder Hey. He is one of the few in the world who is an expert in the video head impulse test in children. He has been invited to coordinate balance workshops in the UK and internationally as a leading expert in the discipline and selected by an international company to attend a flagship international balance conference with leading experts in the world. His other interests include complex hearing losses; mal de debarquement syndrome and benign positional paroxysmal vertigo.


Vertigo & Balance Centre

The Sheffield Vertigo & Balance Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic for diagnosis and management of disorders of the human balance system. The human balance system operates through three peripheral sensors – the eyes, the muscle and joint senses and the ears to enable a subject to orient himself in space.