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Hearing assessment appointment, supply and fitting of digital hearing aids

  • Do you feel that your hearing is impaired?
  • Are you struggling to hear well in certain/all situations?
  • Are you becoming less socially active due to worry about not being able to confidently partake in conversations?
  • Are your family/friends raising concerns about your capacity to hear as well as you did?


Left image shows the face on view with the device appearing very discrete looking.

Right image shows a side on view again with a minimal view of the device fitted.

Would you like an appointment to find out more?

At an assessment appointment, your ears will be examined, you will be asked a series of questions, mainly related to your ears and hearing. You will have a Pure Tone Audiogram hearing test – this measures the lowest levels of sound that you can hear across the range of speech frequencies and is the industry standard test. This information will confirm what your current levels of hearing are and you will be advised whether any reduction in your hearing could be helped by the use of amplification. If any hearing loss is present, it will then be your decision to trial hearing aid/aids or not.

Depending mostly upon your levels of hearing, various styles of hearing aids are available and you will be fully supported to ensure that you are making an informed choice moving forward.

Cheryl Thompson is an Audiologist with over 20 years experience working with the hearing impaired within the NHS and is now qualified as a Registered Hearing Aid Dispenser and also able to operate within the independent sector.

Left image shows the back view with a platinum coloured device allowing a client to see the design and compact size of this particular model.

Right image shows a dummy device that is part of a colour wheel allowing a client to colour match the device to their hair, their spectacle frames or just allowing them to pick a colour that they would choose to wear.

Please contact me directly on 07757 827439 should you require any further information.

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