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  • “I have seen 3 of the team at SVBC this year and can say without a doubt my life is significantly better already. The holistic approach to addressing my problems means that not only has my understanding about my symptoms increased but my ability to deal with them has too. I suffered with significant anxiety surrounding my vertigo and tinnitus and although not gone, my quality of life is much better and I’m working towards it being part of my life, not it taking over my life. If you are thinking about seeing someone, then do it. If you’re suffering with vertigo, tinnitus, anxiety then please contact the centre. I can promise you, your only regret will be not doing it sooner!

    Thank you all!”


    How SVBC has changed Katie’s life
  • “I wouldn’t hesitate recommending this clinic, the balance rehabilitation I’ve received has been excellent! Karen & Dr Dasgupta are amazing, friendly and explained everything really simply to me. The impact they have had on me has been life changing and I can’t thank them enough.”

    Justine McCoach

    Justine’s experience of the service

Vertigo & Balance Centre

The Sheffield Vertigo & Balance Centre is a multidisciplinary clinic for diagnosis and management of disorders of the human balance system. The human balance system operates through three peripheral sensors – the eyes, the muscle and joint senses and the ears to enable a subject to orient himself in space.